2021 SHSU Graphic Design Portfolio Review
"Brilliant portfolio! Karisty's sense of typography, color, and visual balance demonstrated each design with an appropriate solution. Her strength is undoubtedly typography, but her most effective solution is working with the white space and visual hierarchy. I enjoyed seeing various design approaches based on the problem, not relying on a personal style. She has approached the next step close to the excellent level of a professional designer."
2021 SHSU Graphic Design Portfolio Review
Xpresso2U, VIII, Neighbor's Kitchen & Yard, Wheel House
"Dazzling identity design! Identity design is not just a Visual Identity alone; it must consider the other two principles: Behavior Identity and Mind Identity. Her exemptional designs showed those three principles of Identity Design. Well done!"
Albert Young Choi is the founder and President Emeritus of the United Designs Alliance (UDA), an International Design Association, and is a professor of Brand Design and Experience Design at Hanyang University ERICA campus. He served as Associate Vice-President of the Office of International Affairs and Dean of the International Institute of Education. He has been appointed as an honorary professor at Shanghai Normal University in China and is cooperating with the next generation of design education in Asia.
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